The LA Homeless Issue

​        Homelessness crisis has been decades in the making, starting in the 1980s, growing steadily to the sum of 66,436 in 2020 it a rise from last year’s point in time count. The current administration has promised action, collected hundreds of millions in taxpayer dollars to work on the issue and have done next to nothing.

        Homelessness also brings with it huge short and long-term problems for everyone, affecting sanitation and ushering in vermin, disease and crime, all who’s levels have been steadily rising in LA. A vast majority of the homeless are our citizens and must be helped, first and foremost. I am planning on breaking down this issue into a 5 point plan, with expert and community input. There are different reasons for homelessness, why people find themselves in this unfortunate situation, from loss of a job to drug addiction. The approach needs to cater to these varying circumstances, in a multilevel, multidimensional plan, so that all of our citizens feel safe and provided for.

                                                                    Public Safety

​          LA residents, from all communities and neighborhoods, are growing increasingly concerned for their safety. There has been a steady increase in the crime rate and decrease in the arrest rate, with July numbers for violent crimes at 77.8%, and the arrest rate dropping to 12.6%. The protests occurred in the midst of a pandemic and continued for a month.  A rapid turn to violence, coupled with destruction of property, disturbance of the peace, violent vitriol and threats and attacks on law enforcement, served to further weaken our city’s strength, wellness and economy. Add to this, the recent decision by a weak Mayor Garcetti, to divert $150 million in police funding, guaranteeing an increase in homicide, burglary, aggravated assault, personal/auto theft-in short, crime rates. Law and order is the foundation for a flourishing society, protecting our residents enables us to grow our communities and economy. Communities and law enforcement must be brought together, not further divided. I will seek to work with both, in order to help implement appropriate training, with community input and mutual discussion. All of us must feel equally safe and protected to pursue our lives, as is our right, under our constitution.

                                                            Economic Growth 


          My background in real estate helps me to understand both the hardships and goals facing the various communities in our city. Moreover, how to implement the appropriate plans and infrastructure, that will serve each community individually and collectively, from small businesses, brick and mortar shops, to large scale operations. My goal is to grow the LA economy by creating a positive space for prosperity, cut taxes, and give the business owners a chance to recover. I will be putting together a plan that will help mitigate the financial hardships, with corresponding long-term ramifications, recently experienced by small business owners, individuals and major corporations alike, by cutting restrictions and regulation. In order for the City of Angels and each of the diverse communities to return, in all their glory, the citizens must be able to look forward with confidence to bright financial futures, security, roofs over their heads, and success for their families and their communities.

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